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This Piano


Beautiful Piano Compositions courtesy of

Mike McCarthy






Mike McCarthy proves what a talented pianist he is by composing and performing the most beautiful piano compositions you will ever come across.


In Mike's compositions he is able to convey so many emotions through beautiful and well crafted melodies.


Two of my favourite tracks from This Piano are Comeback and The King, the sheer elegance of Mike's melodies puts these two tracks a class above his already thoroughly enjoyable chill out album.


-Boulent Mustafa









Gently Sleeps



A Beautiful Musical Tribute to the Beatles







Gently Sleeps is 13 elegantly crafted tributes, which celebrate 50 years since Liverpool's finest export made their mark in the good ol U S of A.


Not only is this a beautiful tribute to one of the world's most loved bands but it's also chill out music at its finest.


With the exception of one of my favourites - We Can Work It Out, Mike has opted to add his musical magic to less popular Beatles tunes.


By no way does this choice mean Gently Sleeps will be any less enjoyable, far from it.


Whether or not you love The Beatles, this album is perfect for unwinding after a hard day's work.


-Boulent Mustafa

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